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Beauty in Death

Photo by Sara Lacroix

Photo by Sara Lacroix.

There’s always one question asked after a moment of trauma: how did it make you feel?

For those who attended our Sparks House event last Friday, Beauty In Death, the feeling that encapsulated the room was one of relief. There’s something very cathartic in listening or watching someone talk about their life experiences. It’s another to see it in forms that most may not associate with being outwardly expressive. Beauty in Death challenged and even shattered that idea.

The beauty of the space where musicians, writers and dancers performed set the stage for the event. Open floors led way to graceful movements while throw rugs replaced traditional seating, leading to a feeling of intimacy. Though performing to a crowd, it allowed for stories to feel personal.

From dance to tattooing, music to poetry, Beauty In Death displayed the varying degrees of mourning and recovery, showing us that the gifts bestowed upon us by God were the perfect instruments for communicating our hearts.

I’m not a dancer but I felt her movements. I’m not a singer but I felt his or her pain through their words. I’m not a tattoo artist but I can understand why many turn to preserving memories onto their skin. God surely blessed us with different talents but we all can feel. And those feelings through our different experiences are indeed universal.

- Ciara Todd

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