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Offering to Jesus

In a recent Bible study of John 6:1-13, we discussed one of the miracles Jesus performed using the five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus multiplied these loaves of bread and fish to feed the thousands who had gathered to listen to him. Jesus not only provided, but provided in abundance. There was so much food leftover that Jesus instructed the disciples to gather the remaining so that nothing was left. The one aspect of the story I keep thinking about is how Jesus used what the little boy offered to him to feed everyone. I’ve been asking myself “What do I have that I can daily offer to Jesus that will help feed his sheep?”… just as Jesus instructed Peter to do in John 21:17. Is it enough to give an offering and my time on Sunday mornings? Are there other things I can present to Jesus to use to further the Kingdom of God? I’ve volunteered at hospitals, come up with ideas to improve morale at work, and given a percentage of my salary to nonprofits. In each of these situations not only did others gain, but I also benefited from the joy of giving. But is this enough? I believe I need to give my heart, mind, and soul to Jesus every day. What I offer shouldn’t be just one day of the week but every day and in every situation I find myself in. When I’m on the bus, or walking down the street, am I smiling? Am I helping a stranger find their way through town? Do I give my attention to the one who is speaking to me or when I’m visiting someone? In this Bible story, the little boy gave all he had to Jesus to use to help feed the people. The story doesn’t say the little boy withheld a portion, thinking he might not benefit in some way, but he gave everything he had. Do I withhold from Jesus? Am I afraid I won’t have enough for me? When there is a need, do I hold back, or do I give whatever I can at that moment whether it’s my time, money, ideas, or prayers? All that I have is by the grace of God. Why would I not make available anything and everything I have for Jesus to use to feed his sheep? I can’t be stingy and judgmental about whom I giving to. Proverbs 3:28 reminds us that it is wrong to withhold something from your neighbor when they are in need and you can easily make it available to them. If I truly say I want Jesus to use me to further God’s kingdom then that means I can’t hold anything back. Just like the Christmas song “The Little Drummer Boy,” I need to give my best to Jesus; body, mind and spirit.

-Millicent Smith

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