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The Things We Share

Hands building a puzzle

“Thank you for telling your story.” There’s something truly powerful in finding a way to articulate how you feel -- especially with a topic that often words can’t fully express. The scene inside Arnold’s Tea on a dreary Friday night was one of reconciliation by revealing our truths. Our stories may be different but our journey to a space to talk about our differences is the same.

From West Africa to western Pennsylvania and all points in between, stories were told that illustrated that while by appearance we may be different, there is a sameness that abounds. That we can find those moments pop culturally but also within ourselves.

“The Things We Share” was inclusionary with purpose. As an activity, those who came to the event were given pieces to a puzzle. The puzzle not only showed what the next Sparks House event will be but it also taught a lesson in what it means to be united as one body in Christ.

The night was a representation of difference and its convergence into oneness. We may represent different parts but we must work together to function as one. Those differences come from the history that we lean on, that makes us who we are.

We also learned that history creates differences, history that is celebrated or scorned. But through those moments of ridicule, we found a moment when we realize that our moment of hurt can heal us. It can make us better for ourselves and for the kingdom.

Through the performances, The Things We Share was all about redemption and reconciliation. But we also talked about what it means to be a revolutionary: how we can be the David and not the Goliath. The little steps we take, the small gestures we make can -- and will -- change our community. That, yes, we are one Kingdom but we are of many colors -- confectionary, culinary, color-coded or otherwise.

In that moment of watching others complete the physical (or tangible) puzzle , it felt like we all got it. Now we must continue the revolution by telling our stories and discovering commonalities to find the things that we share.

- Ciara Todd

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