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Worship Together

“Where art and faith live together.” That’s what’s printed on all of the Sparks House promo. I used to think that this meant that Sparks House should provide opportunities for people to discover their creative natures and, ultimately, how creativity can be fueled by their faith. In essence, I thought the entire mission was to help people realize they are creators made in the image of their Creator. While this is true, it’s not the whole picture. Sparks House is also building a community of people who wouldn’t interact under normal circumstances. Whether churched or churchless, Catholic or non-denominational, Sparks House events aren’t meant to draw just one crowd. Instead, we are called to build a community that bridges churches and neighborhoods and age and race and every walk of life. An essential pillar of Sparks House is to foster relationships where they might not have existed outside of a standard Christian Church setting. This is why events like Worship Together are so important for us. They give us an opportunity to gather normally distant groups of people to worship and fellowship together. Last Friday, the number of new and familiar faces that walked through that nondescript door with a confusing address astounded me. This particular event personally affected the way that I see the Sparks House mission. It broadened my view of what it means to be affiliated with Sparks House and it gave me a better glimpse of the kingdom where the artificial barriers that keep people separated are removed. It changed my definition of what it means to worship together. I hope to see you at the next event as we continue to build the Sparks House.

- Danny Santoro

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