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wooden logs

I spend a lot of my time around wood. I make my living as a drummer and a carpenter. I live in a cottage next to family on nine acres of land and I pay my rent by being a caretaker to that land. Whether I am holding it, putting it together, or walking through it, I am almost always doing something with wood. Wood and trees have always fascinated and comforted me. The older I get, the more I see how similar trees are to humans. We grow from meager beginnings. We both have a finite existence. We are both unique to the individual while contributing to our communities and we are both in constant seasons of change.

I feel as though the latter is something I have to remind myself of on an hourly basis. Change is ever-present and submitting to it is frightening. I tend to focus on the sad and scary changes in life. It may be a product of my flawed and finite nature, but I tend to skip over the breathtaking and beautiful changes that are always happening. However, as I look out my window at new growth, I am starting to think that the whole story of the gospel is one of change. Whether in our personal walks or in the grand design of the kingdom of heaven coming to earth, God is always growing things. I choose to let go of my old thoughts and view change with hope. The Lord is not destroying, but rather restoring.

He is making all things new.

It is hard for me, and I challenge all of you to try this as well. Look at the changes occurring in your lives and see the Lord’s hand in all of them, even the sad and frightening ones. View death as a chance for new life. View darkness as a herald for light. The earth and everything in it is the Lord’s and he is making all things work together for the good of those who love him. Some times are meant to be moved past and some times we must abide, but the Lord is always accomplishing his will on earth. Slowly but surely the Lord is making all things new. Look for the hope of salvation in all things, never letting fear for security sake cast your gaze from the cross. These words are meant to remind me even more than they are meant to encourage you.

Look for the new growth and the new dawn brothers and sisters.

- Eddan Sparks

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