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A King Without A Country

Person holding a card with the word "Joy" written on it

I’ve got an idea.

You know how wrecked this world is…I mean,

the poor are oppressed

the government is always shaking us down for more money

the sincerity and good intentions of church leadership is often questionable

people in power are so mixed up with their egos,

they wouldn’t welcome a pure idea if they saw one

law enforcement can be hurtful to the ones they should be helping

there is so much division between people groups,

they often won’t even cross the street to help one another

religious people are stuck up and bigoted

children die every day because food and clean water and simple meds

couldn’t/wouldn’t get to them in time….

Dear GOD. We need help.

Can’t you send somebody to fix this mess?

You know, somebody powerful who will

clean up the government

be wise counsel and develop programs and systems

that work to lift people up and out of their desperate state

be mighty to protect but never oppress

care like a father and make provision for all the little ones

who have no voice

show and lead the way to peace that stays

funny, isn’t it? The cries and pleas of the people over 2,000 years ago

sound so very familiar.

But GOD.

He doesn’t have ideas like we do.

He doesn’t fix things as we would.

Think about it.

If we were elected to a special committee to welcome THE SAVIOR OF ALL

chances are none of us would offer this idea:

a baby

an unwed, uneducated mother with very limited resources

a fiancé who could’ve killed her

all of the persons above with zero prior experience

no government backing

no social services

no medical intervention

no midwife, no doula

hey, let’s send them far away from all their familial support

let’s not make any hotel reservations, either

no banquets

no carriage rides

no honor from the political powers

let’s not give them any human help at all

they could stay with the animals

his tiny little tender head could rest on some fresh hay in a feeding trough

the welcoming committee will be the uncultured, uneducated, unshowered,

unsheltered guys over in that field….and their smelly sheep.

What kind of idea is that?!

I love Christmas. I love the whole story. I love this King without a country who at every turn in his solitary life was met with misunderstanding and questioning.

Christmas reminds me to steady the course of the downward climb.

Christmas reminds me that a human’s best ideas and schemes and designs are utter foolishness to GOD.

Christmas reminds me that Jesus the Savior and coming King has zero interest in fame and recognition and accolades.

I love that Jesus…with my all of everything. Wherever he’s going, I’m with him.

“the government will be on his shoulders.

He will be called

Wonderful Counselor

Mighty GOD

Everlasting Father

Prince of Peace.” (Isaiah 9)

We still need that Savior, friend. Lift up your heads. GOD is with us.

- Rebecca Sparks

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