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Faith Over Fear

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In January, streets overflowed with women and their allies raising their voices against policies and politics that disenfranchise women. As we are in a season of heightened conversations about all forms of interpersonal behavior, it is important to stress inclusivity. That isn’t just limited to race and socio-economics. That also includes faith.

Though women of faith have lent their voices to the conversation, it hasn’t been with the same vociferousness as other groups. Maybe we feel that we don’t belong. Maybe we feel that we can’t participate because the movement appears “too liberal”. Maybe we feel -- or fear -- rejection or chastisement from others when we talk about how being a Christian informs how we view, think, feel and react to our current news cycle.

We must break that fear. Because we are about faith over fear. Especially faith in fellowship. We learned that from Jesus.

Jesus was the epitome of faith over fear. He feared no leader, no system. He was a walking revolution because he looked at the rule bearers of his day and said that bringing shame, guilt, and blame doesn’t eradicate the behavior that elicits those emotions. As followers, we can never forget that and remember to use our beliefs -- and Jesus’ acts -- to help others deal with hurt and harm.

But as we instinctively know to serve others, we must also employ those tenants toward ourselves. Our faith can and will play a significant role in trauma recovery. The inclusion of women of faith in these conversations plants our perspectives on healing. Because we hurt too.

But we also know how to heal. In the moment when Joseph had the opportunity to exact revenge on the brothers that wanted him killed, he said, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives” (Genesis 50:20). God uses what we’ve been through always for His good. What we are seeing, as we've never seen before, is an acknowledgement and awakening. Where women of all shapes, colors, hues and highlights are unified to fight what many see as oppression.

What we’re seeing is lives saved and voices heard. Through justice and mercy. And grace. God’s grace.

- Ciara Todd

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